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Bonsai Martial Arts

Heero Miketta & Patrick Ehrmann

Bonsai Martial Arts

The proven concept for martial arts training with children

Kid´s Karate,  Kid´s Ju Jitsu, Kid´s Kickboxing, Kid´s Kung Fu

Probably the greatest challenge for martial arts teachers: Working with children. Parents and children are the most demanding group in any dojo, and very often also one of the biggest in numbers.

Two experienced members of the German Shoshin Projekt developed a complete concept for "Bonsai martial arts", proven in many dojos since then.

The result is a comprehensive guide to children's Karate, Ju Jitsu for children, children's Taekwondo, kids Kung Fu, or other martial arts. Now finally in the long-awaited English version.

134 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9564897-2-2

€ 15,95 inclusive of VAT. additionally forwarding charges ( plus shipping 6€ )
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The authors:

Heero Miketta

born 1973, Karate since 1989, holds several black belts in different Karate styles. During his time as a professional teacher he founded four dojos and initiated the ShoShin Projekt. He also works as a trainer for communications in companies and is a founding member of Prävent e.V., an organization for violence prevention, founded by the police in Bergisch Gladbach, a German city close to Cologne. Today he mainly works as a writer.

Patrick Ehrmann

born 1985, started his Karate training 1991 in one of Heero´s children´s groups. Today he works as a professional teacher of Karate in his own dojos. He also is a lecturer for the German Karate foundation KDNW e.V., where he is responsible for training with children and adolescents. His wide range of education includes traditional Karate-Do and self-defence as well as modern forms of training like Kara-T-Robic or Sound-Karate. As an expert for outdoor training he brings great diversity to any of his lessons.

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