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Shôtôkan Kata no Curriculum - The Shôtôkan-Trainingsystem - without pictures


Shôtôkan Kata no Curriculum - The Shôtôkan-Trainingsystem - without pictures

As practitioners progress through the different levels they are expected to master the various Katas which are relevant to the achievement of their current grading. Black belts ranking above 3rd Dan should be able to perform all 27 Katas without error. Developing perfection of technique through regular performance of kata is a vital element of Shôtôkan Karate.

This raises the question of how to ensure in daily, weekly, or monthly training that all the necessary Katas are covered, not just those that the student likes the most. That's why I designed the Shôtôkan-Training-System.

The Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum's makes it easy to organise and practice all of the required Katas which are relevant to a students level and experience. With the simple "index card system" we used to learn vocabulary in school, it is now possible to train all Katas corresponding to your level on a regular basis.

The Shôtôkan-Kata no Curriculum is suitable not only as a common training planner in the Dôjô, but also individually at home to organise your own training routine.


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