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Shôtôkan Kata Up to Black Belt

Shôtôkan Kata Up to Black Belt

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The unusual and fortunate combination of skills as a graphic designer and decade-long karate practitioner has allowed the author to write a unique book on kata: The exceptional graphical presentation of karate techniques within provides clear and precise illustration, perfect for answering your questions about traditional karate forms.

size: 17 x 24 cm
pages: 108


Taikyoku shodan, Heian shodan, Heian nidan, Heian sandan, Heian yondan, Heian godan, Tekki shodan, Bassai dai, Empi, Jion, Hangetsu, Kankû dai

  • Illustrated presentations of all techniques from three different perspectives (over 1700 graphics in total!)
  • Clear and detailed graphics
  • At-a-glance overview of all kata
  • Supplementary explanations of difficult sections of kata
  • Explanations of Japanese terms through graphics
  • Sturdy, easy-to-use and carry

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