The Kyokushin Way (en)

The Kyokushin Way - Karate Manga Textbook
An educating kyokushin karate technique encyclopedia combined with a
modern japanese manga story, where all students can learn and look up on
how to do the kicks, punches, blocks and stances for their next kyu exam.

The Kyokushin Way textbook is intended to be the perfect complement to your
Kyokushin Karate training.

Technique Encyclopedia
Volume 1 cont.ins all the techniques for the 10. and 9. Kyu examination,
including detailed descriptions of all the stances, strikes, kicks and blocks.
Kyokushin Philosophy
Learn about the legendary Masutatsu Oyama and our Kyokushin Karate. What
is the Dojo kun and how to behave the right way in a dojo.

Japanese Manga Story
An educating textbook which aims to learn in a new way about Kyokushin

Content of volume 1:


  • About Masutatsu Oyama,
  • History of Kyokushin Karate,
  • Kyokushin Dojo Kun

Basics,Stances,Strikes,Kicks and Blocks:
Key facts:
Hardcover Edition: 112 Pages
Size: DinA5 (14,8cm x 21cm)
Weight: approx. 300g
Reading direction: Traditional Manga (Right to Left)
Publisher: Tayfun [&] Müller GbR
Language: English
ISBN-10: 300061608X
ISBN-13: 978-3000616082

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