Perfecting Kumite

translation by Schlatt

Perfecting Kumite Tanaka reveals the secrets that made him twice All Japan Champion and twice World Champion, including: in-depth technical analysis of advanced moves, hints and tips for tournament preparation how to seize the initiative in fights maximizing your mental and physical potential motivational training techniques, finding and developing the techniques that suit your individual style accounts of individual fights that lead to Tanakaís success in the All Japan Championships and the World Championships. The book is superbly illustrated with over 700 photographs and diagrams to ensure that each point is explained as clearly as possible.

„Masahiko Tanaka is one of the great karateka of the Japan Karate Association. Upon his retirement from competition as a representative of Japan he remained undefeated against the strongest opponents in the world.“ the late Masatoshi Nakayama, Chief Instructor of the JKA

The book is of High Quality, being both glued and sewn to provide utmost satisfaction.

Format: 180 mm x 257 mm, 248 pages

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